Yoga for the Community: Humbled Warriors Yoga

If you ask Stacey Field to describe her journey of becoming a yogi and yoga studio owner, she might describe it as unexpected. After Stacey first took a class with her mentor and business partner, Jamie Forbes, she was hooked on yoga. As the two women soon formed a close friendship, Stacey’s husband, Alex, floated…

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Enjoying the Grind: National Self-Improvement Month

Torrey Lowe, Owner of TL Fitness, does a push up in his Gym in High Point, NC

September is National Self-Improvement Month, and “self-improvement” can mean a lot of different things, depending on who you ask. It can be improving your nutrition and exercise, creating new healthy habits, spending more time with your family, taking…

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Year of Wellness in High Point

Kelle Yokely of Yoga Mindset in High Point balances on her hands in a yoga pose.

It’s a new year, so that means (yep, you know the drill), a new you! This year, instead of overwhelming our planners with unrealistic resolutions that we’ll just be disappointed we didn’t keep, we’ve decided to make smarter resolutions. For us, that means incorporating one healthy decision into our lives each week…

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Discover Your Neighbors: Lori Teppara

Lori Teppara smiles at the camera, sitting cross legged in FIT HUB

At the FIT HUB fitness boutique, the buzzword is personal. From personal training sessions to small group classes to personalized nutrition consulting, FIT HUB’s goal is to make health and fitness enjoyable and individualized…

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A View On: Dr. Lee Bass Nunn, DDS

They say that nothing you wear is more important than your smile… We don’t know who “they” are, but we have to agree! A smile can light up a room, make someone feel loved, and express the joy…

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Voices Discovered: Torrey Lowe

The temperatures keep rising and that summer sun isn’t going anywhere! So you’re enjoying more time with those summer shorts, swimsuits, and sunnies! Then, “it” happens. The…

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A View On: Fit Hub

Feature image of FIT HUB’s owner Lori Teppara sitting on a bike.

We’ll be the first to admit, it’s easy on a free afternoon or weekend to pop over to one of our favorite places to fill our bellies. But what about a place to tone our tummies? We’ve got your new home for all things fitness and health…

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