A Legacy that Still Stands: The Kilby Hotel and Arcade

Kilby Arcade Building on Washington Street in High Point, NC.

On 627 E. Washington St. stands a vacant lot. But just like most things in history, there is more to that vacant lot than what initially meets the eye. If we could go back in time, back to the Roaring 20s, and drive over to 627 E. Washington Street, we wouldn’t see a vacant lot,…

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Discovering Black History in High Point 

A historic sign marker stands on Washington Street in High Point, NC.

Happy Black History Month from all of us at High Point Discovered! As one of our favorite High Point historians, Glenn Chavis says, “Black History is American history,” and we could not agree more. Our nation, state, city, and community continue to learn together how we can support each other’s voices and work together for equality. And we believe a deeply important piece in that process is…

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Fourth of July Reflections

Are you finding ways to have a socially distant yet celebratory Fourth of July? Over the course of America’s history, we’ve seen some dark times: wars, pandemics, economic crisis, and more. So 2020 will not be the first year that we aren’t able to celebrate holidays the way we’d like to! Yet…

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Four-Year Flashback

A photo of a street with a blooming tree and a graphic overlay that says, "Four-Year Flashback in High Point."

Happy Leap Year, HPD readers! Once every four years, we get a special little day, today, February 29th.  And to celebrate this once-every-four-years day, we thought it might be fun to open the…

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160 Years of History in 9 Snapshots

Feature image of Downtown High Point

Today, if you were driving down N. Main Street in our beloved city on your perfect day, maybe you’d want to stop in for breakfast at Alex’s House or grab a coffee at 83 Custom Coffee. Maybe you’d stop for…

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