A View On: Phillips Collection

A living room with wood furniture in a room with big windows and some plants designed by Phillips Collection in High Point, NC

The astounding Phillips Collection offers best selling organic contemporary furniture, which is skillfully created by artisans from all over the world.  This award-winning company offers a large range of products, including…

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A View On: Hillbuildit Creations

When Audrey and Kyle Hill started building their business in the garage, they could never have imagined that today their handmade, custom-built furniture business would be the recipient of over a hundred five-star reviews and accreditation…

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A View On: High Point Candle

hen Michelle Shreve-Stroud found out that she needed surgery, and had to take a break from her interior design business, it could have seemed like the worst case scenario. But during that recovery time a new dream was born, and…

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Vintage Shops for Cool Finds in High Point

Trends come and go, and styles are always changing. But if you wait long enough, that table that seemed so old-fashioned in your great aunt’s kitchen, will suddenly seem so retro and cool you’ll be dying to get your hands on one just like it…

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A View On: Verellen

A gray sectional couch at Verellen in High Point, NC

What do you get when you combine Belgian conception with American Perfection? You get a really comfortable place to sit! More than just another furniture lable, Verellen designs…

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Voices Discovered: Palmer Linwood Smith

Feature image of Palmer Smith sitting on the front steps of his home with his dog.

While the modern art that High Point resident and global artist, Linwood, creates is incredible, (he was recently featured within the Thayer Coggin showroom at 2019 Spring Market), there is a story behind the artwork, a name behind the…

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