Welcome to High Point’s Living Room

A booth in the commons in Congdon Yards in High Point, NC

With 2020 behind us (finally, right??), we are looking ahead to all that 2021 will hold for the City of High Point! Number one on our list of exciting happenings? The official opening of Congdon Yards! If you missed our last article about the new “third place” in High Point (or have somehow missed all the…

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The Third Place: Congdon Yards Is Coming

Long shot of Congdon Yards, High Point's multi-use space.

Have you been noticing all the construction happening in downtown High Point? We sure hope you have! And by now, you probably know the reason behind the major renovations on English Road: Congdon Yards. If you have questions about the buzz around the buildings, what they’re going to be, and how they’re going to change the…

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The Point of Truist Point

Feature image of the entrance to Truist Point

It’s probably not hard to guess what we most missed in High Point this summer… The High Point Rockers! But while the Rockers baseball season might have been canceled, the staff at the Truist Point stadium didn’t cancel their involvement in High Point. While the High Point Rockers are a huge and exciting part…

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Let’s Take This Outside: High Point’s Best Patio Spots

A Feature image of Christi Barbour outside

As we all strive to practice social distancing, one thing we can’t get enough of is a beautiful outdoor space. All summer we’ve enjoyed socially distant hang outs by the pool, at the lake, or in our backyards. Patios have become our best friends! Even as the crisper fall weather begins…

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Former History Launches Future Opportunities

Telissa Ward, Bryon Stricklin, and Patrick Harman laugh together on Historic Washington Street in High Point, NC

One of our city’s “claims to fame” is the historic Washington Street. Once deemed the “Black Wall Street,” Washington Street has been home to iconic buildings of culture and history like the Kilby Hotel, Jackie’s Place, and more…

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Lover of All Things High Point

You know the old saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone?” Well we’re starting to think that the longer the world stays shut down, the more we realize just how much we love…

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Scavenger Hunting through High Point

The kids are out of school, the weather is hot, and you can only spend so many days by the pool before you’re ready for a change. Have no fear! High Point Discovered has you covered on a fun day out activity for the whole family…

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