Parks Get Professional: Meet Lee Tillery

Lee Tillery, Director of High Point Parks & Recreation, sits on a golf cart at Oak Hollow Golf Course.

When it comes to the professionalism we’re highlighting this week, it’s easy to think of “professionals” as folks who sit behind desks all day, crunching numbers, and filling out spreadsheets.   High Point has quite a few of those number-crunching professionals (who we’re very thankful for!), but Lee Tillery’s professional life looks a little bit different.    “The common theme in Parks and Recreation is that no…

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16-Love: HP Tennis Director Reflects on Career 

If you head over to Oak Hollow Tennis Center, you’ll see just how much our city values tennis. With hard courts, clay courts, and even indoor courts, there’s no shortage of places to practices your backstroke. And for Tennis Director, Junius Chatman, it didn’t take long for him to realize how much High Point values him.   As the Tennis Director and resident Tennis Pro…

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A Guide to HP Parks: National Parks & Rec Month

The sign at Armstrong Park in High Point, NC.

Did you know that July is National Parks & Rec Month? In High Point, with all our great parks, programs, camps, and activities, we feel like every month is Parks & Rec month! But this week, we are highlighting several of the places and programs you can enjoy as a citizen of our great city. From pickleball…

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#Blessed by Blessing Park 

The entrance to Blessing Park in High Point, NC

What has us excited for the summer in High Point? Two words – downtown revitalization! The construction taking place downtown, as part of the catalyst project, is transforming High Point’s downtown to be a place where everyone will love to be. From Truist Point to Congdon Yards, to the new food hall, to the upcoming…

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Par for the Course: Happy National Golf Month

A golf cart rides along a path beside the Oak Hollow Golf Course and a sand trap.

“Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.” – Arnold Palmer If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how important it is to strengthen our minds, our heart, and our character, despite difficult circumstances. But in the meantime, we have also learned that exercising our bodies…

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Take a Field Trip to Piedmont Environmental Center

If you remember the thrill of going on an outdoor field trip, when you and your classmates loaded onto activity buses with bagged lunches and newfound energy, you know the fun you seemed to have at every turn. Sometimes the trip would be a decent ride away, but you might be surprised to find that…

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High Point’s Best Playgrounds & Parks

Feature Image of a woman running in Armstrong Park in High Point, NC

With new technologies and activities constantly grabbing your kids’ attention, you may ask yourself “is going to a playground still as fun as it used to be?” Of course, it is! Playgrounds offer…

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Take a Hike (in High Point of course)!

Image of a female running in Armstrong Park in High Point, NC

As the warm North Carolina spring days slowly bring an end to the chilly winter months, you may find yourself ready to leave the comfort of your warm fuzzy blanket for an outdoor adventure! One of the best ways to…

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Best City Parks in High Point

We’re feeling it in the air… That springtime itch that says the days are only going to get warmer and longer from here! After a long season of being cooped up inside, we’re so ready to…

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