Teacher Appreciation Day: Extraordinary Educator Cephonia Gilmore 

Extraordinary Educator, Cephonia Gilmore who is a teacher Dean B. Pruette SCALE Academy in High Point, NC.

Extraordinary Educator Cephonia Gilmore

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! It’s no surprise that this is a week near and dear to the heart of High Point Discovered, since we spend a good portion of the year honoring and celebrating our Extraordinary Educators. But did you know that our nation has been honoring educators for Teacher Appreciation Week for years? Many say that the origins of Teacher Appreciation Week started in 1953, when Eleanor Roosevelt went before Congress to request that teachers be recognized on a national day. Years later, National Teacher Appreciation Day is held on Tuesday in the first full week of May, to honor the services that our teachers bring to our students each and every day. 

Of course, we had to highlight one of our Extraordinary Educators today in honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day. And that educator is Ms. Cephonia Gilmore, who teaches Business CTE at Pruette SCALE Academy. Pruette presents a very unique opportunity to High Point students, as it serves personalized instruction and daily structure for students grade 6 through 12 who have otherwise faced challenges at their districted schools. At Pruette, the students are given support in three targeted areas: attendance, academics, and behavior, to ensure their return to their home schools is highly successful.  

Given the unique and important work that is taking place at Pruette SCALE Academy, educators like Cephonia are incredibly valuable to the success of all High Point students. Cephonia, who was nominated by her principal, Tanicka Robeson, is described by her faculty as a “team player.” 

“Ms. Gilmore is a team player, hard worker, and always goes above and beyond for her students,” says Principal Robeson. “Every time I walk into her classroom, students are highly engaged in meaningful conversation and the task at hand.” 

But in a humble fashion so characteristic of our Extraordinary Educators, Cephonia is quick to point back to her principal and former principals as inspiration for why she does what she does. 

“I have to give credit where it is due,” she says. “I have all of my principles that have made a huge difference in my teaching experience: Courtney Blake-Smith, Tankia Robeson, Tracy Roof, and Racheal Lewis. These professionals have made my teaching experience so worthwhile.” 

In addition to her administrators, Cephonia says she has tremendous pride in the work that she and all her colleagues do at Pruette. 

“I am proud of the school where I teach because teachers and staff really care about the students and their success,” she explains. “Students are better when they return to their home schools.” 

Before teaching at Pruette, Cephonia worked with organizations to help teenagers obtain and keep jobs. Now, fostering a knowledge of business in her students at Pruette is another piece of the puzzle to creating sustainable employment for young people in High Point.  

Her biggest piece of advice for students when it comes to school work and eventual employment: “Always give 100 percent effort in whatever you do.” 

Cephonia says there isn’t a day when she doesn’t walk into her classroom excited to see her students’ faces and eager to learn from them as much as they learn from her.  

“The one thing that has surprised me about working as a teacher is that it does not seem like work,” Cephonia admits. “It seems like a hobby because I enjoy it so much!”  

And it’s this kind of calling and commitment to teaching that makes Cephonia an Extraordinary Educator to celebrate on National Teacher Appreciation Day and every day!  

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