The Evidence of an Educator: Extraordinary Educator Deanna Wynn

Extraordinary Educator, Deanna Wynn smiles at the camera. She is a teacher The Middle College at GTCC in High Point, NC.

When Deanna Wynn was growing up, her head was constantly filled with phrases of, “You’ll become a teacher one day, just like your mother!” As a ten-year-old girl with a passion for marine biology, Deanna didn’t agree. Although she says she had compassion for others and wanted to see them succeed, Deanna never saw herself as a teacher.  

But that all changed one high school summer when Deanna took a job as a lifeguard at a local YMCA.  

“It was the first time I noticed I was a teacher at heart through teaching swim lessons,” Deanna reflects now. “The look kids would give me when they would accomplish a skill was so exciting for me. I still aim for that ‘aha!’ moment with my students.”  

Now, years after those swim lesson days, Deanna is a ninth through twelfth-grade biology, earth, and environmental sciences teacher at The Middle College at GTCC. Her passion for marine biology did indeed find its place – but in a classroom not an aquarium!  

Today, Denna pours her heart and soul into her students, particularly when it comes to her appreciation for science.  

“As a science educator, I hope that my students not only understand the content but also have a respect for the science discipline and the people who contribute to our scientific discoveries,” Denna says. “I hope that my students stay inquisitive, know both sides of an argument, and always look for evidence.”  

When it comes to looking for evidence, we don’t have to look far to see why Deanna was nominated as Extraordinary Educator for The Middle College. Her administrator, Dr. Darrell Harris says of Deanna:  

“Ms. Deanna Wynn is known by her students to be fun, engaging, and down to earth. She works hard to establish strong and positive relationships with her students. Ms. Wynn has been an absolute treasure at the Middle College at GTCC-High Point, and we are lucky to have her.” 

Additionally, Deanna still infuses her love of seeing others succeed into each and every moment in her classroom.  

“As an educator being able to witness my students experience their own successes and rewards has made me the happiest,” she notes. “I enjoy seeing my students experience success, and I am extremely honored when they return years later to share their achievements with me.”  

And as an Extraordinary Educator in High Point, Deanna has also been able to see the unique opportunities that graduating from a High Point high school presents her students. She hopes that her students will go on to believe they can make a difference in their city and community.  

“My hope for the future of High Point schools is that the negative speech, from people who do not live and work here, would stop,” she concludes. “I have taught so many amazing students who have grown into great adults. They love their city and understand that anything is possible.”  

And with teachers like Deanna Wynn guiding our students, we know that our students, educators, and schools can indeed accomplish so much good in our city!

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The HPD Team

Photography by Maria West Photography