The Inside Scoop: National Ice Cream Day in HP

Ice cream in high point nc

Did somebody say, “ice cream?” Sunday was National Ice Cream Day, and we're celebrating all week long! (Meaning, we’re using this as an excuse NOT to count calories consumed via waffles cones and milkshake straws.) High Point has a phenomenal list of places to grab sweet, creamy treats this July – from sundaes to waffles cones, to rolled ice cream, to healthy options, to dairy-free options! Get our list (and recommendations) for our favorite places to scream about ice cream in our city.  

 If You Want a High Point Classic – Mayberry's 

What is it about picking out your ice cream flavors from the front freezer at Mayberry’s that makes you feel like a little kid again? From pistachio to superman, to everything in between, Mayberry’s has something for all ages!  

Our favorite: The Brownie Sunday  

Mayberry's Ice Cream sign in High Point, NC.

If You Want Something You’ve Never Tried Before – Miso's Ice Cream 

Along with serving classic sundaes made of the most delectable Hershey’s ice cream, Miso’s Ice Cream has created a menu of insanely creative stuffed milkshakes, dipped waffle cones, extreme sundaes and more. With drizzles and glazes and toppings you never considered on ice cream, Miso’s will be your go-to all summer.  

Our favorite: The Fruity Pebbles Stuffed Shake 

If You Want Something to Put You in a Sugar Coma – Small Batch 

Small Batch is creating milkshakes that could be illegal there so full of rich, decadent dessert-y goodness! I mean, a toasted marshmallow on a milkshake? What could be better? Grab (several) spoons and dig into this dessert experience you won't forget this summer!  

Our Favorite: S’Mores Shake 

If You Want a Dairy-Free Option – Sunset Slush 

If you can’t ice cream, have the next best thing: Italian ice! We’re loving Sunset Slush of HP this summer to satisfy our sweet treat craving with less sugar and no dairy. If you want all the refreshing feels of enjoying a shaved ice on the beach, pop into Sunset Slush this week!  

Our favorite: Peach Italian ice 

italian ice at Sunset Slush in high point NC

If You Want Something Healthy – OrganicAF 

If you’re looking to satisfy that cool, refreshing treat craving, but want to avoid a lot of sugar, pick up a smoothie or bowl from our friends at OrganicAF! All the fresh fruity flavors, without the dairy or added sugar. Still so satisfying!  

Our favorite: The SmurfedAF Smoothie  

If You Want Ice Cream that’s on a Roll: Tea Time Lounge 

Not only do they have the most delicious bubbles teas, Team Time Boba Tea Lounge also offers rolled ice cream! Rolled out and smoothed to perfect, Tea Time’s rolled ice cream is an ice cream experience that’s unique and a must-try this summer!  

Our Favorite: Cookies & Cream Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled ice cream at Tea Time Lounge in High Point Nc

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The HPD Team

Photography by Hannah Norris Photography and Maria West Photography