The Montessori Method: Extraordinary Educator Michelle King

Michelle King, Extraordinary Educator at Triangle Lake Montessori School in High Point, NC, smiles at the camera.

Every teacher has their own classroom philosophy that guides the way they instruct and encourage their students’ learning. For the educators at Triangle Lake Montessori Elementary School, it’s the teachings of Maria Montessori, a physician who pioneered the Montessori method that serves as their North Star. The method, which prioritizes the independence of each child and looks to engage their natural curiosity and initiation of learning, is one that has inspired Extraordinary Educator, Michelle King.  

Michelle, who teaches primary-age students (which translates to Pre-K and Kindergarten), was chosen as the school’s Extraordinary Educator because of her leadership and passion. Already within a few years of being at Triangle Lake, Michelle has left a tremendous impact on her colleagues, students, and administration. 

“Mrs. King is a leader in and outside of the classroom as she supports her colleagues and administration,” says Dr. Pamela Ford, Triangle Lake’s principal. “Her passion for teaching and educating children is evident by her caring and nurturing learning environment.” 

Michelle herself says that being in a Montessori school environment has changed the way she teaches, and she attributes much of her growth as an educator to Triangle Lake and their methods. 

“The 2020-2021 school year will be my third year as a member of Triangle Lake Montessori,” Michelle says. “The staff at Triangle Lake is a family, and we work together to provide the best opportunities for our students. Student success is our shared goal and we work cooperatively and support each other to achieve that goal. I am very proud to be a part of this team.” 

While she has been an educator for the last 20 years, Michelle says she is still learning about how to create confidence, excitement, and motivation for her students every day. 

“Maria Montessori understood the development of the child and through her countless observations, she developed an amazing pedagogy that keeps that development at the forefront,” Michelle explains of the school’s unique teaching philosophy. “It is an amazing thing to watch the Montessori philosophy and practice unfold in the classroom. It creates confidence and independence. Montessori students are eager to learn and set their own goals. I love watching them succeed and grow.”  

For Michelle particularly, this young, developmental stage is where she has always had a strong passion as an educator.  

“There is something very special about the ‘littles,’” she notes. “They have an unbridled enthusiasm for school and learning. I love to watch them experience and explore the world around them. Being a Montessori teacher also allows me the privilege of watching their independence and confidence grow as learners.”  

Michelle says that she continues to be pleasantly surprised by the longevity of the relationships she cultivates with her students and their families. Calling them “our kids,” Michelle says she cherishes the privilege to be involved in her students’ lives from such a young age.  

“I always want my students to know that they are loved and that every day is a new day to learn and grow,” she concludes. “I want them to feel confident in themselves and their abilities to accomplish all of their goals.” 

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Photography by Maria West Photography