The Most Important Meal of the Day in HP 

Today is International Waffle Day, and we’re ready to celebrateAfter all, what’s better than having dessert for breakfast? Speaking of breakfast, it’s one of our favorite meals to enjoy in High Point (even when we sleep in a little and turn breakfast into brunch!). That’s why today, we’re sharing our Top 5 favorite places to grab breakfast – waffles and beyond.  

Alex’s House 

This may be our favorite spot in High Point to get a celebratory waffle. A longstanding and beloved High Point favorite, Alex’s House has the most delicious waffles, along with omeletshashbrowns, and a whole lot of yummy lunch and dinner food as well. 


Tom’s Place 

Another famous High Point favorite that just so happens to serve breakfast all day. Stop by this HP establishment that offers twists on delicious breakfast favorites like benedicts, English muffins, and more! 

Biscuit Factory  

While they may not have waffles, they have biscuits and sandwiches that will start your day off the very best way. Their delicious biscuits are an HP favorite and can be customized with egg, bacon, sausage, and more all day long.  

A biscuit with egg and bacon sits on a wrapper at Biscuit Factory in High Point, NC.

High Point Bagels 

High Point Bagels is easily one of our favorite spots to grab breakfast in High Point. Start your day with something savory, like their bacon scallion cream cheese on an everything bagel, or start on a sweeter note, when you enjoy their blueberry bagel with honey walnut cream cheese. 

A case of bagels sits at High Point Bagels.

Granny’s Doughnuts  

Granny’s is a great place to grab a breakfast treat on the go! Stop and grab a coffee and one of their famous apple fritters to give a little sweet kick to your morning.  

Carolina’s Diner 

If you’re going to celebrate International Waffle Day, why not do it right at Carolina’s Diner? This all-day diner will top your waffle with strawberry, blueberry, chocolate chips, or pecans to make your breakfast or brunch even more of a treat! 


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The HPD Team  

 Photography by Maria West Photography and Hannah Norris Photography