The Point of Truist Point

The entrance to Truist Point

It’s probably not hard to guess what we most missed in High Point this summer… The High Point Rockers! But while the Rockers baseball season might have been canceled, the staff at the Truist Point stadium didn’t cancel their involvement in High Point. While the High Point Rockers are a huge and exciting part of what they do on the daily, Truist Point, its own non-profit organization, also hosts a wealth of other events and opportunities for our community.

Caroline Keating, Director of Corporate Partnerships at Truist Point, sat down with High Point Discovered to give us a little insight into the many endeavors of the stadium.

“The High Point Rockers are, of course, our bread and butter… but baseball is simply one aspect of what we do at Truist Point,” Caroline explains. “We’re actually able to execute multiple options of civic engagement to support the community. We’ve transitioned our business model as a non-profit on what we truly can do and who we truly are.”

Caroline shared with us some of the innovative ways Truist Point has stayed relevant in the High Point community, and the best part is we can all be involved in supporting our favorite ball players while we eagerly wait for the next baseball season.

“We’ve gone back to the drawing board to get really creative,” Caroline explains. “We’ve still been able to host events that welcome the community to come out and build a sense of togetherness, bonding, and community service.”

Check out the list of ways Truist Point has continued to serve our community, and find a way you can support the park this fall!

The Pitchin’ Kitchen

One of the biggest ways we can all get out and enjoy the ballpark and support the stadium is through dining at the delicious Pitchin’ Kitchen. The Pitchin’ Kitchen, Truist Point’s on-site eatery, serves up baseball fair with a spin.

As a mom of twins, Caroline notes how much closer she and her own family have become, using the time they normally would spend on a number of activities and events to share a family dinner at the park.

“Even amid the pandemic and the challenges of people being able to gather, we can still have dinner in a safe, socially-distant space,” Caroline says of the outdoor eating space. “From families to corporate groups, to athletes, we haven’t lost this kind of connection.”

Executive chef, Miquel Phillips, cooks up dishes like grilled chicken Caesar salad, the Sweet Music Burger, and the stadium’s famous chicken and waffles, which are available every weekday from 11am to 2pm. And what pairs better with some mouthwatering eats than a view of the beautiful baseball field?

If you’re wanting to see the park at night, along with the views of High Point’s downtown, you can join the Pitchin’ Kitchen for dinner twice a week for Taco Tuesday or Wing It Thursday.

Man in white chef's jacket and red baseball hat leans against outdoor kitchen counter with a "Pitchin' Kitchen" sign hanging above him.

The Pitchin’ Kitchen Executive Chef, Miquel Phillips

A close up of chicken and waffles available at Pitchin Kitchen in High Point, NC

A group of four people sit around an outdoor table above the High Point Rockers' baseball field under a red umbrella.

Yoga at the Point – Thursdays at 6pm

Want the chance to step onto the Rocker’s field and get a little stretchier? Grab some fellow yogis and get in the flow for Yoga at the Point. Hosted in partnership between Truist Point and Willow Wellness Center, Yoga at the Point happens on Thursdays at 6pm. Afterwards, grab a drink or a bite at the Pitchin’ Kitchen.

Adult Kickball – Mondays nights

While there may not be baseballs soaring around the stadium, that doesn’t mean some healthy competition isn’t being fostered on the field! Truist Point is hosting an adult kickball league this fall with games played every Monday.

“There’s nothing like seeing adults reliving their third-grade kickball experience,” Caroline jokes, “and possibly redeem themselves!”

Friends (and fans!) are invited to dine at the Pitchin’ Kitchen and enjoy watching the athletes kick their way to victory.

The Catalyst Club

Truist Point doesn’t just host baseball games – they can also host just about any kind of event with their Catalyst Club.

“The Catalyst Club is really a dynamic space that serves as the perfect visual of the City’s vision to pursue new growth,” Caroline explains. The Catalyst Club, overlooking the park and the High Point skyline is a premier event space offering full-service catering and event planning for everything from luncheons to weddings.

“We can do everything from ahi tuna to hors d’oeuvres, to a carving station, to baseball fair,” Caroline says of Truist Point’s in-house catering team.

With health and safety restrictions on the size of gatherings, the Catalyst Club also offers enough room to safely spread out and social distance for attendees.

“The whole space has been extremely helpful going through this transition with the pandemic and the capacity restrictions,” Caroline adds. This space also includes the Davis Deck, a covered outdoor space at the Rockers stadium.

A gray sign on a glass door that reads "Catalyst Club."

A woman smiles in a blazer stands in front of a frosted glass window that says "High Point Rockers baseball."

The High Point Rockers' baseball field with a big screen and scoreboard.

Pics at the Point

We all know in this Instagram day and age, there is no shortage of need for great photoshoot backdrops. What about the baseball field? From baby gender reveals to engagement shoots to senior pictures, Truist Point offers the best kind of background for all of your fun photo needs.

Walk the Point

Throughout the fall, Truist Point found a way to serve the older population in High Point and utilize the beautiful stadium walkway.

“We wanted to create a place for higher risk adults to come out and safely exercise when they’ve been inside,” Caroline explains. “I think this is just one of the testaments to how this space was brought about to engage the community on many levels.”

Despite the way the pandemic has kept us from enjoying our favorite team this season, the heart behind Truist Point is to continue to support the Rockers, the stadium, and the entire High Point family.

“We’ve taken an unfortunate situation and turned it into positives for the community,” Caroline says of the canceled season. She also invites everyone in the community to creatively consider ways they could use Truist Point and the Catalyst Club.

“We are open to all ideas,” she says. She notes how an entire video for Triad Business Journal was filmed at the park. “These aren’t things we would think of when we were putting baseball on last fall. But now, we want to be as creative as people can get. The sky’s the limit!”

So until we can head out to the old ball game to root for the home team, let’s keep finding ways to build our community through all Truist Point has to offer.

“Watching people engage in friendship and community fellowship is a really beautiful thing,” Caroline says of the engagement that has been fostered by Truist Point. And we couldn’t agree more. Community connection is always a home run for us.

Keep discovering our High Points,

The HPD Team

Photography by Maria West Photography