The Values that Make Us

The purpose of High Point Discovered is to highlight, with an unapologetically rose-colored lens, 

the very best of High Point. We tell stories that elevate the voices of those people who may not be getting the attention they deserve, connect people to others in their community, and empower economic growth. Through our thoughtful storytelling and beautiful imagery, we depict High Point with a perspective attuned to our community, innovation, growth, and development.  And what are the core values that inform that perspective? We’re so glad you asked.

Authentic Transparency

At our core, we believe that every person in our community deserves to be treated with respect and honor – because every human being is infused with innate value. This belief drives the authenticity with which we tell our community’s stories. We have no interest in narratives that belittle, patronize, marginalize, or manipulate. We know that we are all equals, so our platform is used as a safe space to tell the stories that empower the inherent beauty within every person through honesty and transparency. 

Enlightened Innovation

We tell stories about innovative ideas and visionary thinking applied to any number of disciplines, sectors and organizations teaming in our city. We are determined to highlight, propel, and sustain the innovation that High Point citizens embody. 

Enthusiastically Happy

We share every aspect of our city through an unparalleled enthusiasm and joy. Our never-ending passion for what’s coming in our city means that by nature High Point Discovered is enthusiastically overjoyed to share what we see as cause for celebration with all in our city.  

Giving Spirit

Our initial goal was to tell stories about the people in our community who were leaders, and as we often call them, changemakers. However, through this process, we have learned that our community is overflowing with people who possess deep compassion, a kind heart, and a willingness to help others through action. By broadening the range of stories we share, we partner as a catalyst with many changemakers, entrepreneurs, artists, students and more to achieve their goals.   

Hopeful Vision

We recognize the future, the opportunity, and the potential of those in our city brimming with life and hope. That’s why we prioritize lifting others up and shining a light on their unique abilities. Through stories, we introduce these people to their community and encourage them to keep up their good work. To our delight, we find that so many of the people we feature are not just leaders but mentors themselves who share our eagerness to push others into the spotlight. 

Pride of Place

We are definitely proud of this city we call home, and through sharing our stories, we have learned that each of you rival this sense of pride. Together, we celebrate our rich heritage, and all that High Point offers our local, national, and global community. 

Skyline of the city of High Point with water tower

Vividly Unique

We set out to disrupt how people perceive High Point, both in the physical and virtual world. We have discovered that the city of High Point itself is filled with that same disrupter mindset. We possess a sense of global culture steeped in creativity, which led to our shared Creative City mindset. Through sincerely positive storytelling and beautiful, real photography, we depict the stories of High Point in a way wholly different to any other team before us. 


Discover our High Points,

The HPD Team