Top 10 Most Instagrammable Spots on HPU’s Campus

High Point University has about 5,000 students and over 90% live on their absolutely gorgeous campus. After seeing pictures, do you blame them!?!

For those of you who just moved in and are lucky enough to live there (we are talking to you HPU students) or for those of you who have an addiction to this thing called Instagram (who us?), we are here to share with you the top 10 most instagrammable spots on High Point University’s campus!

1. Cottrell and Hayworth Amphitheater

This 2-tier fountain complete with a waterfall is a favorite photo-op on the campus. During certain months, the school dyes the water blue or pink to raise awareness for causes such as autism and breast cancer. Freshmen hold their hand under the cascading water before their first classes for good luck, what a fun tradition!

2. Pop-up Wall

HPU’s graphic design club created a design to be converted into wall art for one of HPU’s many brick walls! This “pop-up” wall is beautiful and such a fun pit stop on the way to the Slane Student Center.

3. The “Dream Big” Rocking Chairs

The “Dream Big” rocking chairs are definitely the biggest rocking chairs you’ve ever seen. These 2 giant white rocking chairs overlook HPU’s fountains and garden and are a favorite spot for students to climb up and take a photo.

4.    Smith Library

When the rose garden blooms in front of Smith Library, you don’t want to miss this photo op. Think tons of rose bushes of all colors, even ombré rose buds-count us in!

5. The Tree of Life Sculpture

The Tree of Life sculpture greets you as you enter campus. This bronzed sculpture is gorgeously surrounded by flowers and graduating seniors are always sure to snap a picture in front of it!

6.   Airplane Seats in Cottrell

A crowd favorite is the airplane seats in Cottrell. Not only are they one of a kind, but they are super comfortable and even recline! Students study here daily with the philosophy in mind that you never know who you may be sitting next to on a plane, so always have your business cards handy!

7.   DNA Helix

The Congdon School of Health Sciences is home to the largest DNA helix you have ever seen. The helix is always lit and even changes colors!

8.   Cottrell Building

Cottrell is one of the newest buildings on HPU’s campus and consists of the Center for Student Success, sales simulation rooms, and even an entrepreneur “think tank”! This building is a beautiful photo op, but specifically the spinning globe fountain in front of the building is incredible. This reflective globe is surrounded by an infinity pool.

9.   Bronze Sculptures

There is nothing more inspiring about HPU’s campus than the bronze sculptures that can be found scattered throughout the promenade. The promenade always has classical music playing and the sculptures provoke students to learn more about the worlds’ greatest speakers, composers, scientists, and visionaries. Be sure to pose with these life-size replicas for a fun picture!

10.   Campus Fountains

One aspect of HPU that can’t be denied is that you won’t see another college campus with nearly as many fountains! It is said that there is no one spot that you can stand on campus where you can’t hear the sound of cascading water. Probably the most popular Instagram is posing in front of one of the many infamous, huge fountains!

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team

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