Discover Your Neighbors: Lori Teppara

At the FIT HUB fitness boutique, the buzzword is personal. From personal training sessions to small group classes to personalized nutrition consulting, FIT HUB’s goal is to make health and fitness enjoyable and individualized.

And to find out where that passion for the personal comes from you don’t have to look any further than owner and founder, Lori Teppara.

For Lori, fitness and health has been a part of her life for, well, her whole life! As a lifelong athlete, exercise and nutrition major, and previous owner of a fitness business, Lori is passionate about bringing fitness to a personal level for those in her community. Instead of creating stress and insecurity, FIT HUB seeks to empower their clients with achievable goals, perseverance and confidence.

We had the chance to learn more about Lori and what makes the woman behind the business.


Q. How did you wind up in the fitness industry?

A. I have been an athlete all of my life and have always enjoyed all things sports and fitness. I studied Exercise and Nutrition in college and have been in the field ever since. I started by personal training in college, and upon graduating, I went into corporate fitness in New York and Connecticut. After three years of being in corporate fitness I started my own business in NY/CT, which offered in-home personal training, and sports and fitness programs in schools. Seven and a half years ago, I sold my company in NY, and we moved to NC. Since moving to High Point, I have worked in employee wellness, bariatric medicine and then decided ultimately to open my own studio.

Lori Teppara stands wearing boxing gloves by a punching bag at FIT HUB.

Q. What type of career would you have in an alternate universe?

A. I would flip houses or lead travel excursions.

Q. What do you wish you knew when first starting that you know now?

A. That it’s okay to fail.

Q. What would people be surprised to learn about you?

A. I love beer and baked goods.

Lori Teppara sits on a bench press at FIT HUB.

Q. What motivates you?

A. Positive endorphins and reaching goals.

Q. Best career advice you have ever received?

A. You won’t know if something works unless you try it.

Lori Teppara lunges forward lifting a weight at FIT HUB.

Q. Favorite book?

A. All of Malcolm Gladwell’s books

Q. Best vacation you have taken?

A. Hmm, so many. Palau, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Tuscany, Barcelona, Belize… I love to travel.

Lori Teppara smiles at the camera, sitting on a bike in FIT HUB in High Point, NC.

Q. Where will find you on a Sunday afternoon?

A. Typically outside on a field of some kind with my husband and kids

Q. Your go-to cocktail (or mocktail)?

A. Vodka, cran, lime and club.

Lori Teppara wears boxing gloves and boxes a punching bag at FIT HUB.

Q. What makes you truly happy?

A. Family, friends, travel and learning new things.

Q. As you know, HPU is right here with incredible students looking to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. What three pieces of advice would you give them?

A. Take risks. Do something you love and it will never get old. And do something that helps others.

Lori Teppara sits on the floor of FIT HUB smiling.

High Point Favorites

Q. Where do you like to grab a cup of coffee?

A. 83 Custom Coffee

Q. Restaurant you can’t get enough of?

A. Fixins and Blue Rock

Q. Local shop you think is doing everything right?

A. Monkee’s

Q. Where do you go to unplug?

A. Outside in nature

Q. Favorite place to grab a drink?

A. Brown Truck Brewery or Blue Water Grille

Q. Excluding yours, what High Point company or business do you admire the most?

A. I can’t choose just one. I’m thankful for everyone who is willing to take a risk to start a business that helps grow and expand our town.

Q. Where would you tell a first-time visitor to High Point to go and why?

A. Rollerblade or run the Greenway, and then stop in at Brown Truck for a beer. Why… because that is what I would do every afternoon if I could. 😉

Keep Discovering our High Points,

The HPD Team

Photography by Maria West Photography