Where to Mix and Mingle: Best Spots to Meet Up at Market

High Point Market attendees sitting on a couch while they network.

You know the feeling…You’re wandering around, cell phone pressed to your ear, trying to describe exactly where you are to the person on the other end. Maybe you try to describe the showroom you just walked by or which wing of the building you’re in. But you get the feeling that you and your friends are walking right past each other. We don’t want you to get separated from your group at Market this year, so we’ve found the best places to meet up for some mixing and mingling after a long morning or afternoon of showroom shopping.

Set a time, and pick a place from the list below, and make sure you find who you’re looking for at Market.

The Point

The tent at the Point on Commerce at the High Point Furniture Market in High Point, NC

Conveniently located on Commerce Ave., (next to the main Transportation Terminal), The Point is your one-stop-shop for all things Market, and the perfect place to meet up with Market friends. You can get info from on-site advisors on which showrooms or events to attend, as well as meet up with Market celebs, grab lunch, join roundtable discussions, and more.

Showplace + Outside Seating

High Point Market goers walk to their next destination.

The Showplace building (211 E. Commerce Ave.) is hard to miss in High Point, so it’s a great place to meet up with people. Not only is it conveniently located, but it offers outdoor seating which is perfect for eating lunch, resting your feet, and making more Market friends

Steelyard Airstream

Image of a green logo of Steel Yard that says airstream.

What’s better than meeting up at a chic, repurposed Airstream RV pop-up? Nothing! Pick up some swag, explore premier Steelyard tools, and hang out with friends. Enjoy complimentary games and get the inside scoop on Market. Adjacent to The Point, located at the corner of Commerce and Wrenn, the Steelyard Airstream needs to be one of your meet-up spots this year. Indoor and outside seating, plus you can play a game of cornhole while you relax. What’s better than that?

The Crypton Patio

High Point Market goers walking to the Crypton Patio

Hammock hang at Showplace at the High Point Furniture Market in High Point, NC.

Located between Showplace and IHFC, next to the Transportation Terminal, the Crypton Patio is always a go-to meet up spot. With everything from local kombucha to al fresco dining to hammocks (yes, hammocks!), you can get all your relaxation needs met when you plan your meet ups at the Crypton Patio.

Market Square Courtyard

This repurposed furniture factory is one of High Point’s most iconic buildings, making it an easy place to find and meet up with friends. After shopping the showrooms, find your posse in the courtyard and reconvene for your next stop.

Third Floor IHFC Food Court

You don’t even have to leave the IHFC building to grab lunch and find your crew. Plan a meet up on the third floor of the Main Wing to pick up something to eat and refuel before continuing through your day at Market.

So don’t waste time wandering around Market trying to find your comrades. Pick a fun place or pop-up each day to meet up and swap Market finds.

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team