Where to Shop Antiques in High Point

The High Point Market never ceases to bring the latest and greatest in furniture industry trends, but there’s something to be said for those pieces that have stayed the course. Long after trends die, crazes fade, and the hottest new item has become outdated, some pieces stand the test of time. Their class, their impeccable design, and their superior materials keep them relevant to any space. And, we figure that while you’re in High Point for market, you may want to know some of the best places to find those perfect antique pieces that will never go out of style for whatever space you’re creating.

Bobo Intriguing Objects

All of BOBO Intriguing Objects’ product lines are directly inspired by antique pieces. BOBO transforms antique items in order to transition them into today’s design aesthetic. After spending 14 years being an antique dealer, Mark Sage started BOBO in 2005. This seller is perfect for finding something to outfit a modern space with classic iconic pieces. Open exclusively to the trade.


Eliko offers an extensive and diverse inventory of new, vintage and antique rugs. They have a collection of nearly 10,000 pieces, and they constantly add more in order to ensure their collection is always fresh and interesting. The variety of their collection gives them the ability to provide any rug style needed to complete any space.

Antiques & Interiors

Antiques & Interiors has a vast selection of European antiques, accessories and pine reproductions. With over 20 years of experience, they are able to restore their antique furniture to withstand another 100 years. Antiques & Interiors carries both interior furnishings and garden items, such as iron gates, lamp posts, and more.

Blue Ocean Traders

Blue Ocean Traders focuses on importing the finest antiques and reproductions for both home and garden. They are a wholesaler open to retailers and interior designers. They specialize in the ability to gather salvaged, reclaimed, and vintage items in quantity as well as being able to skillfully reproduce pieces from the past. Find one of their items that has been given a new life for the space you’re designing.

Design Legacy

Design Legacy offers vintage furniture, accessories, art and textiles. Dallas interior designer, Kelly O’Neal, combines vintage and contemporary to form the unique brand of Design Legacy. They are a wholesale company that allow designers, resellers and retailers to purchase their special items.

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The HP Discovered Team

Photography by High Point Market Authority