Year of Wellness in High Point

Kelle Yokely of Yoga Mindset in High Point balances on her head in a yoga pose.

Kelle Yokely of Yoga Mindset

It’s a new year, so that means (yep, you know the drill), a new you! This year, instead of overwhelming our planners with unrealistic resolutions that we’ll just be disappointed we didn’t keep, we’ve decided to make smarter resolutions. For us, that means incorporating one healthy decision into our lives each week. For you, that healthy decision may be signing up for a gym membership (and going every week,) or it may mean changing an element of your diet. Or maybe it simply means a little self-care each week. Whatever it is, we’ve got a list of great spots to make your Year of Wellness become a reality.

Find Your Strength

Torrey Lowe, owner of TL Fitness sits on a tire at a gym.

TL Fitness

A woman in a blue tank top sits lifting weights at FIT HUB.


Looking for ways to increase your strength, endurance or heart health this year? Check out any of the awesome fitness facilities in High Point. TL Fitness and FIT HUB are two that we highly recommend. Plus, the amazing owners of these places, Torrey Lowe and Lori Teppara, are people who inspire us to push ourselves a little farther than we thought possible.

Find Your Zen

A woman at Yoga and Wellness of High Point sits on a yoga mat stretching.

Yoga and Wellness of High Point

A row of women sit cross legged, meditating at Pure Light Yoga.

Pure Light Yoga

Maybe instead of pushing the limits of your body at the gym, you want to push yourself to practice the discipline and mindfulness of yoga this year. High Point has a wealth of amazing yoga studios, with stellar yogis ready to encourage you to find your Zen. Yoga and Wellness of High Point, Yoga Mindset and Pure Light Yoga are a few that could start you on the path of building healthier habits in 2020.

Find Your Nutrition

A smoothie bowl of blueberries, oatmeal, coconut, and strawberries sits in front of three bottles of pressed juice at Organic AF.

Organic AF

Forget crash and fad dieting. We think 2020 should be the year you start eating the right foods to make your body happy. Okay, sometimes that means saying “no” to an extra helping of dessert, but we think it’s important you find what’s healthiest for you. That could mean cutting down on some of your meat intake, or it may just mean being more mindful to cook with fresh fruits and veggies from local vendors at the Farmers Market. It may mean healthy treats, like the ones at Organic AF that give your body the boost you need.

Find Your Chill

A trail at Piedmont Environment Center in High Point, lined with trees.

Piedmont Environment Center

Why not make 2020 the year you find your favorite way to unplug and unwind? Caring for your mind and heart are just as important as caring for your body, so don’t forget to make time to reflect on healthy habits you can build to relax. This could mean enjoying time with family or friends at one of our beautiful parks or treating yourself to a facial or massage at About Face.

However you choose to pursue full body and mind wellness this year, we hope you’ll let High Point fuel it!

Keep Discovering our High Points,

The HPD Team

Photography by Maria West Photography