Your Perfect Day Biking

The recent lower temperatures have us craving more outdoor time.  You too?  We figured so.  That’s why we put together this this how-to guide for biking in High Point including tips on trails, stretching and even the right gear.   Here, we are sharing all the info you need to have some fun in the sun in and around High Point!

So go ahead, stretch out, hop on your bike, and hit your favorite trails.

The Trails

The High Point Greenway is a 3.25 mile paved trail beginning at Armstrong Park and ending at University Park. A new 1.3 mile segment from University Park to Piedmont Environmental Center is under construction and is scheduled to be completed in March, 2019.  Once this opens, the High Point Greenway will be connected to the Bicentennial Greenway providing all a magnificent uninterrupted biking experience from High Point to Greensboro!

Salem Lake Trail: Wrapping the entirety of Salem lake (and mentioned as a favorite to many who contributed to this article), this 7 mile path has some beautiful views. The entire packed dirt and gravel trail is coved by trees, keeping you in the shade. This is a popular spot for families and serious bikers. This trail is a bit hilly but it still makes for a fun ride for all ages.  And if you are looking for some extra mileage – use the greenway which will take you through Old Salem and into Downtown, experts tell us this makes for a 20 mile ride.

The Bicentennial Greenway: The Longest and final trail recommendation on this list is the Bicentennial Greenway is a 14.5 mile paved pathway that will soon connect the city of Greensboro to our wonderful city, High Point! The trail was an initiative to connect the two cities. The northern segment lies entirely in Greensboro, stretching from Old Battleground Road & Costwold Avenue, to Market Street. The trail picks back up a short distance south-west, at Burnt Poplar Road and terminates at Penny Road, right on High Point Lake. The trail, a combination of off-road asphalt and sidewalks, weaves through residential neighborhoods, mixed forests of hardwoods and pine, parks and natural areas. It connects to amenities including shopping areas and schools.

The Stretches

Calves:  Standing with both of your feet facing forward, step forward with your right foot and bend your knee, keeping your left foot planted firmly on the ground behind you. Keep you back straight and lean forward until you feel the stretch in your back leg. Hold for 15-30 seconds then switch sides. If you feel like you need it, find a wall or tree to lean up against for support.

Quads: Using a tree or wall for support (if you need it), Reach back with your right hand and grab your right foot just at the top of the ankle and pull it towards your butt. Your quads are super important while biking, so be careful and don’t pull too fast. Hold for 15-30 seconds then switch sides.

The Bike

Photography by High Point Bicycle Toy and Hobby

We decided to talk to the experts at High Point Bicycle and Hobby to see what they recommend for a great entry level bike! They recommend the Marlin 4 by Trek. Starting at $419.99, the Marlin 5 is the perfect gateway to trail riding. This is ideal for new riders who want a mountain bike that can also double as a street bike. For those who want to know the specifics, this bike has disk brakes, front suspension, 21 speeds, and mounts for a rack.

High Point Bicycle and Hobby carries a wide variety of bikes that would be perfect for some casual trail riding. They even carry bikes that have electric pedal assist for those of you looking for a more leisurely ride. So, before you hit the trails, head on over to High Point Bicycle and Hobby to check out the selection and make sure you have all the proper gear. Don’t forget your helmet!  

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