Behind The Scenes at Market Set Up

You’ve heard the term “it takes a village.”  Well, it does indeed take a village to create each season of the High Point Market. And we’re part of that village. As a design firm based in High Point, one of our specialties is designing market showrooms. It may seem like a glamorous proposition. After all, we’re seeing products develop right before our eyes, and are creating trends for years to come.

But Market is so much more than that.  If you have ever wondered what happens in the days, weeks and months prior to market – and there is quite a bit happening – read on for a peek behind the Great Curtain we call market setup.

When showroom design is done right, it can move mountains in terms of visual display and the ability to sell products. Retailers look to emulate showroom displays, because those displays will sell through to the buying consumer. Showroom design has to take into account the requirements of the building, the needs of the sales force, and the needs of the buyers. No small task. For the dozens upon dozens of professional designers who specialize in visual merchandising, it is part science—research, psychology, business trends and marketing—combined with boundless creative energy, sprinkling of acrobatics (turning flips, cartwheels and handsprings with no notice is all in a day’s work) and some have even asked us where our wand is.

Think about what it takes to move into a new home, design it the way you want it, paint every wall, install every flooring selection, create a kitchen that you and all your friends enjoy — and then multiply that by 100! It takes hours just to create a single showroom. It’s like opening the door to your new home, for thousands and thousands of visitors. And when they leave, you tear almost all of it out and do it all again in six months’ time. The process pushes us to grow as designers, but it’s worth it to hear the oohs and aaahs of visitors.

Here’s a peek at what it takes to be a showroom designer:

There is always limited information, you’re designing on the fly, and you must be super adaptable.

Everything is extremely fast-paced. Firm deadlines require us to think on our feet, and shop for last-minute items. These moments make us more creative, better designers.

Our village includes accessorizers, bed makers, art hangers, and more.  Yes, these really are jobs in case you were wondering.

Our mottos include: Make it work. Turn it over. Fluff it. Cut it. Break it.

Just. Make. It. Work.

We constantly try to surpass ourselves over and over. We never settle for just OK. We never sit down. (Trust us on this one.)

Survival pack items: lip balm, gum, hand lotion, water, snacks and hair ties. Our best tip: We swap sneakers every day.

Thinking outside the box is a requirement. Sometimes you actually have to use the box or maybe even hide in it.

We are resourceful. If we can’t find a hammer, we’ve learned the heel of a shoe makes a great hammer. Yes, really.

Our biggest secret: Hidden accessory closets in every showroom are an absolute dream! We have a stash of countless decor items to finish out a display. Think beautiful lamps and hundreds of gallery wall and shelf accessory options.

Like we said, it truly takes a village and we adore our village.

See you in High Point soon!

Discover our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team