Downtown Gets an Upgrade

High Point Market attendees walk across the street in downtown High Point.

To market, to market to… revamp downtown! High Point Market is only four days away, and the changes that are happening to our downtown furniture district are going to color citizens and guests excited.  

We’ve shared before that High Point Market actually spans 13 blocks in High Point’s downtown and that includes seven distinct “neighborhoods.” So you can imagine when our Market friends arrive in High Point, knowing where to go and how to get there can be a little confusing – especially for first-time Market goers. 

That’s why High Point’s Market district and neighborhoods are getting a major upgrade, all thanks to the High Point Market Authority and their neighborhood committee. On-street branding and new signs will guide Market goers, and the team is also introducing wayfinding techniques into the district rebrand. You may be wondering what “wayfinding” is, and we’re happy to enlighten you. Think of when you’re in IKEA (or a similar store) and those little arrows on the ground, carpet tiles, or wall decals guide you through the store (and guarantee you walk by everything you never knew you wanted to buy) – that’s wayfinding! The wayfinding in High Point’s downtown will ensure that Market guests get to see each and every important part of our City’s Market District and guarantee they’ll get the most out of their trip to High Point.  

A rendering of the additions to downtown High Point being made by High Point Market Authority in High Point, NC

High Point Market Authority will use branded artwork, signage, and more to guide Market guests.

Plus, art installations, decorative crosswalks, building murals, and branded graffiti will make our downtown that much more beautiful! Carol Gregg, HPMA board member and owner of the HPxD flagship, Red Egg Furniture, headed up the neighborhood committee responsible for making all of this branding happen. 

“This new branding initiative captures the incredible energy of the furniture industry during Market,” she explains, “Weaving informational and directional elements throughout the district will elevate the High Point Market experience for attendees, which reflects back to positive impacts for both our industry and local community.” 

High Point Market attendees walk across the street in downtown High Point, NC.

Guests at High Point Market stroll through the downtown of High Point

Because what’s good for the Market goer is good for the citizen. We High Point residents actually get to benefit from beautiful elements, art, crosswalks, murals, and more in our downtown – since we are, after all, an international destination. Keep your eyes peeled this summer and over the next year for more and more Market elements popping up to beautify our downtown. 

Having the High Point Market in our backyard just increases our Creative City identity, and gives us all something to look forward to discovering in downtown over the next few months.  

Discover our High Points, 

The HPD Team 

Images Courtesy of High Point Market Authority