Getting Around High Point

Transportation while traveling can be a headache, but we have a few suggestions that can hopefully alleviate those headaches and make navigating High Point Market a much more pleasurable experience!

First of all, most Market showrooms, seminars, and events will be served by the Downtown Shuttle routes which service any destination located within a 3-mile radius of the High Point city limits.  These bus shuttles run a constant loop and you can check out the schedule here: Downtown Shuttles

One of our go-to modes of transportation around town is the Go Anywhere Van!  This is your easy-button solution if your showroom or event is not on the route of the Downtown Shuttle.

Grab your phones for this insider tip: You can call 336.887.RIDE (7433) to have the shuttle dispatched to you!   Save it right now so you have it handy when you need a ride.  This is a FREE market service!

If you’re looking for a private driver, we hear from our friends in the industry Harvey McKoy is your man.  You can reach Harvey by calling 336.918.3049 to schedule transportation.

Likewise, Dryver Personal Driver Service can provide a private ride.  With them, you can hire a personal driver hourly or choose their “Peace of mind” package and hire a driver for your team to travel together!  What a great way to see the city!

GFW Shuttle Service is your solution to travel to and from all the major airports in North Carolina.  Servicing the entire state, they operate 24/7.  They make it easy to make a reservation right from your laptop!

Many of the larger showrooms that are outlying such as Lexington, Theodore Alexander and others have their own shuttle service so be sure to ask your sales rep for more information on how to take advantage of this service.  This tip can save valuable time when trying to get from one showroom to the next.

Also (insider tip) many of those same shuttles stop at the corner of Commerce Avenue and Wrenn Street by Lexington Home Brands Design Studio.  In a pinch you can hang out there to see if your destination of choice makes a stop.

If you have your car at Market and don’t want to have to deal with the hassles of parking, there is a Park and Ride service offered by the HP Market Authority.  This saves time trying to find a parking spot and gives you more time to shop!

Photography by ZoZo Photography

When you just don’t want to do public transportation, downloading the Uber app is always an option to schedule a driver within minutes.  Local Tip: Uber picks up at the John Coltrane statue on the corner of Commerce Avenue and Hamilton Street.  Be sure to take your Instagram photo before you hop in!

Not familiar with this legendary jazz musician?  Learn more here.

Safe travels discovering our High Points!

The HP Discovered Team