Pets & Vets: Your High Point Guide to All Things Animals

Okay, admit it. When you think of your family, you also count your furry, four-legged friends. We don’t blame you! In fact… We want you to meet a new member of the High Point Discovered family… Bentley Barbour.

Introducing our founder’s sweet puppy, Bentley, who has made all of us get that puppy-loving feeling. After all, we’re a pack of animal-lovers here at HPD, so we’re always on the lookout for the happiest places to take care of our sweet doggies and kitties when they need some TLC. In case you’re anything like us, we’ve made a list of all the places around town that are great for making sure your pets are well taken care of.

When Your Pet Needs a Trim

Kathy's Grooming Boutique Inc.

3786 Samet Dr. #103



Kathy’s is the perfect place to take your pet when things are getting a little unruly. With pet trimming, cutting, grooming, nail clipping, and even coloring (yep, coloring), your pet is sure to feel fresh as a daisy after visiting the expert groomers at Kathy’s.

Royal Paws Pet Salon

2531 Eastchester Dr. #119



Royal Paws is another place to make sure your little prince or princess is pampered and treated like the royalty they are. With a full suite of grooming from basic baths to the works, you’re sure to find the right service to get your pet looking pretty!

When Your Pet’s Feeling Under the Weather

Northwood Animal Hospital

507 Eastchester Dr.



No one likes to think about your pet becoming sick or injured, but if it happens, High Point has some great vets to take care of all their needs, like the Northwood Animal Hospital. Northwood Animal Hospital can take care of everything that might ail your pet. But that’s not all. They also offer services like microchipping and even daycare and boarding services. They’ll make sure all your pet’s needs are met!

High Point Veterinary Hospital

2507 South Main St.


With more than 20 years in veterinary medicine the doctors at High Point Veterinary Hospital, led by Dr. Sink, know how to make sure your pet’s health a smart priority. Whether big or small, the staff at High Point Veterinary Hospital will diagnosis, treat and advise on your pet’s medical care and wellness.

When Your Pet Wants to Have Fun

Dog Park - Hedgecock Park

300 W. Parris Ave.


We love that High Point is now home to a dog park. Although any outdoor time with your dog can be fun, Hedgecock Park makes it even more exciting for your pup. With two off-leash areas, pet fountains, and plenty of space for owners to rest and watch their pooches play, Hedgecock Park is definitely a place you want on your animal agenda!

Pup Cups from Starbucks

2209 N. Main St.

While lots of stores, restaurants, even banks, offer treats and snacks for puppy passengers, Starbucks is famous for its pup cup! This little whipped cream treat for your pet is sure to excite your dog, and make you grab your phone to snap a picture – because what’s more adorable than your pet with its own cute, little Starbucks order?!

When You’re Ready to Make a Pet Your Own

Loving Pet Inn & Estates

820 Gallimore Dairy Rd.

(336) 393-0670


Okay, so you’ve heard all of the ways you can love on your pet in High Point, but the next step for you might be adopting your own furry friend. A great option for you might be Loving Pet Inn & Estates! The organization is owned and operated by Dara Lamberson and her husband who are passionate about rescuing animals and finding them their forever home. You can visit them online or in person to learn what you need to do to adopt your new best friend.

High Point wouldn’t be the same without our four-legged residents, so get out in the community and enjoy time with yours today!

Discovering our High Points (and pets!),

The HP Discovered Team