Support Your Neighbor

Dear friends,

We are sure that like us, you and the ones you love have begun to feel the very real effects that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has brought to our world. As much as we see High Point Discovered as a place to share the best and brightest things happening in our city, sometimes to do that we have to first be very real and honest about the pain all around us.

In the last few days, the world has grown increasingly chaotic, while growing increasingly contained. It has become increasingly loud, while becoming increasingly lonely. It has become uncertain, inundated, argumentative, and even apathetic. And in the midst of all of the uncertainty, we are being asked to practice “social distance,” and for some populations, even isolation or quarantine. And so, as our marketing master, Dawn Brinson, so beautifully stated, High Point Discovered wants to “turn social isolation into social connection.”

We don’t want to cause unnecessary worry or panic over the situation (we’re so thankful for our healthcare professionals and scientists locally and globally who are working overtime to find a solution to this problem!). We also don’t want to downplay the severity of this event or the very real impact it is surely having on your home, business, family, and loved ones. But most of all, we believe it is our mission to give you a window into all of the hope, beauty, and support that we as a community can offer one another in this time.

That’s why in the coming days, we will be moving into a slightly modified schedule with a new series, “Support Your Neighbor.” As we all face having to give up the plans, connections, and routines we normally pursue each week, we want to utilize our social media platform to provide a point of community connection. While this is no replacement for real, in-person connection, we count ourselves lucky to have a way to connect to our neighbors via technology. Our format in the coming days will move to a once-a-week blog post with an increase on our social media schedule – which means, we want to engage with you!

These days of uncertainty aren’t days to hide in fear, but days to rally together in support. You can Support your Neighbor – right from your home! We will be digging in deeply over the next few days to research and share ways you can support local business, offer aid to the vulnerable in our community, and even discover how to make the most of this time inside with your loved ones.

If you haven’t followed us on Instagram and Facebook, give us a follow at @highpointdiscovered to discover all that is going on in our city these days. And if you know of endeavors, efforts, and ideas on how to support local businesses and charities in this time, let us know by sending us a message on Instagram or Facebook! You can also share ways you are supporting your community by sharing posts with the hashtag: #SupportingMyNeighbors_HPD.

Friends, at the end of the day, High Point Discovered is something bigger than just a blog. High Point Discovered is a community, and a community rallies together in the hardest, darkest times to illuminate the next right step. High Point, we hear you and we are with you in the uncertainty of the coming days. It’s our aim that we can offer a small beacon of light to provide hope and support to our entire community.

Let’s discover together what it means to truly support our neighbors.

The HPD Team