High Point’s Love on Display: A Night to Shine

Two women dressed up walk arm in arm down a red carpet of a Night to Remember dance in High Point, NC .

When we think of Valentine’s Day, it’s easy for our minds to drift to thoughts of love shared between spouses or romantic significant others. We’re quick to picture hearts, flowers, and chocolates. But what about the love that is shared between a parent and child? Or the love…

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Better Together: Valentine’s Date Ideas

A bouquet of red and pink roses with a graphic overlay that says, "Valentine's Date Ideas in High Point."

February 14th can bring with it a lot of pressure, uncertainty, and unnecessary stress in trying to orchestrate “the perfect date.” It can even be easier to ignore the holiday altogether and just pretend it’s another day of the year. But this year, we challenge you to make Valentine’s Day a new kind of special day for…

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