When Great Minds Get Together: Brainstorming about our City


 It’s no secret that I love High Point, and helping to lead our High Point Discovered team. And it’s always exciting to surround myself with other people who care deeply about this city.

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with some business and community leaders for a business mastermind session in the cafe space of 83 Custom Coffee.  The topic naturally turned to all the great energy and things happening here in High Point, which led a deeper discussion about Why we choose to live in here.

Some of us grew up here, some left and came back, while others have relocated here for love or career.  No matter how we each ended up calling this Home, it was inspiring to sit back and listen to what each of these leaders said about reasons they choose to live in High Point.  The goose bumps on my arms as each of them spoke told me this was worth sharing. With their permission, I am sharing those stories here, with you – our loyal readers.  Enjoy, Christi

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“I grew up in a small town, and though I wanted to get out of there as a kid, I’ve found myself drawn to High Point because it’s so much like the town of my youth. You can’t go anywhere without running into people you know (I like that). My kids are in school with people who live in my neighborhood. 5 o’clock rush hour means adding 2 extra minutes of travel time. And the city feels small enough that one person can really make a difference. I like that about High Point, and it’s what will likely keep us here for years to come.”

Rev. Joe Blosser, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy,  High Point University

A photo of Rev. Joe Blosser, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy at High Point University

Dr. Joe Blosser, High Point University VISTAs Program

“I was born and raised in High Point and experienced a wonderful childhood, watched my parents get involved in various aspects of the community and truly felt a sense of belonging here. The comfort and familiarity of “home” drew me back after college and I immediately began to plant my own roots in our community. I’m so proud of High Point’s history and heritage, but even more excited about the progress taking place right now. I look so forward to raising our own family here and hope this is a place our children will choose to return to one day as well.”

Sarah Beth Wynn, Executive Director, Go Far

“My husband and I decided to move to within 100 miles of Charlotte because my son went to Wake Forest and married a young lady from NC. My adult daughter made the decision to come with us as well.   I was a Dean in Massachusetts so I was searching for a similar job in higher education down here.  I was lucky to discover a job as Dean at GTCC. I didn’t actually choose High Point because I knew anything about High Point…I just got extremely lucky the job opportunity brought me here!”

Deborah Walsh, Esq. Dean, Business, Creative and Performing Arts GTCC

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“For me, I used to not want to live in High Point.  I spent a lot of time wanting something bigger and (what I thought to be) better.  I liked High Point mainly because it was close to everywhere else I wanted to go and be. But, lately I am so encouraged by all that is happening in High Point.  It is great to see so much revitalization, a first-class university, many excellent new restaurants, world-class companies, and all-around nice people!  In addition, High Point has such a big heart and the philanthropic focus of our citizens is unparalleled.  No doubt – High Point has become a special place to me!”

Iv Culp, President & CEO Culp Fabrics

“I was born and raised in High Point, and like most teens that grew up here I wanted to leave and never come back. When I left I realized I was too far from family, who largely lives here, so family brought me back. It wasn’t until I got more involved in the community that I realized how special High Point is. It is the community of High Point that has kept me here and now I am raising my own family here.”

Megan Oglesby, Executive Director Congdon Foundation

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Brian Crowder said something that had the most impact on me.  He spoke about this ideal people have about living in larger cities with more to do and places to go, but he put that into perspective by saying (and I’m paraphrasing here) he realized that home really is where the people you love are.  He went on to say “you can live in a great city with tons to do but if you don’t have friends and family there, would you go do all those things alone?”  I would dare say, probably not.

“I think the most moving part of our discussion when you listen to each of us is that High Point is a great community to live in, especially when you take the chance to get our and get involved in it.”

Brian Crowder, MAI, SRA Hylton Crowder & Associates

Clearly and quickly, the theme was clear: the impact we as individuals can make on our very own city is profound.  I encourage each of you to think about ways you can give to this community.  The word “Give” doesn’t have to equate to money.  You can give of your heart, your time, your knowledge.  How about those mad skillzz I know many of you have?  As many comments above reflect, the opportunities are endless and you really can make a difference.

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team