Where to Wine : The Best Wine Bars and Shops in High Point

Maybe it’s been a long day, and you’re just ready to unwind and relax. Or maybe, you’re trying to think of a great dinner party gift to bring to show your host some love. Or maybe, you’re the host, and you need that perfect bottle to serve your guests.

The answer in all of these scenarios? Wine! Did you know North Carolina is actually in the top ten states for wineries? And lucky for you, High Point has a wealth of bars, restaurants and wineries that can help you “wine-down” and find your new favorite juice of the vine!

Whether your go-to is a classic Chardonnay, or you’re a resident sommelier (that’s a wine professional… whoa, how do we go about getting that job??), we at High Point Discovered have you covered. We’ve compiled some of the best places to grab a glass or bottle of the best wines in High Point.

WiFi Wine Bar and Shoppe

The WiFi Wine Bar and Shoppe boasts a variety of drinks for patrons to choose from, but that’s not all. This bar wants to create a space that makes it easy for people to connect. They host weekly events like open-mic nights on Thursdays and live music on Fridays and Saturdays. If you’re interested in discovering what new wines you might like, but don’t want to pay the full price, enjoy their Tuesday night free wine tasting from 5:30-7:30pm, or their half-priced glass Wednesdays. Take a group of friends, your special someone, or go to meet some other members of the High Point community and enjoy a glass.

Recommendations from WiFi Wine Bar and Shoppe


Rickety Bridge Crossover Pinotage ($$$)

Orin Swift Papillon ($$)

Papale Primitivo Di Manduria ($)


Mira Chardonnay ($$)

Orin Swift Blank Stare ($)

1605 N. Main St.

Brewer’s Kettle

Brewer’s Kettle owner, David Armstrong was passionate about creating a space in High Point to connect with people and provide fine beers and wines. Have questions about a wine, what would be a good complement to your menu, or want to try something new? Brewer’s Kettle wants to give you the resources to try new things and find new tastes. This bottle shop has a wide selection of specialty, craft wines, and happily provides information for customers to learn more about the fine wines offered in the store.

Recommendations from Brewer’s Kettle


Juggernaut Cabernet Sauvignon ($)

Fableist Pinot Noir ($)


Lamberti Rosé (Sparkling) ($)

1813 N. Main St. #101

The Public House

The Public House in High Point Uptowne functions as both a boutique and wine shop. Their goal? Create an opportunity that provides customers with more than just the simple wines they’d find in a grocery store. They want to give their customers the most bang for their buck, all while featuring smaller vineyards and winemakers who create specialty bottles. (They even feature wines made by winemakers who have come specifically to High Point!) This is the perfect place to stop in a find a new, unique bottle of wine to share with your favorite people.

(Not to mention that a portion of their wine sale profits go to support charities that provide clean water and support children with serious illness. What’s better than knowing your purchase is going to make the world a better place?)

World Relief Triad | Fashion and Compassion

Recommendations from The Public House


Reference Point Pinot Noir ($)

Bordeaux Vieux Manoir ($)

La Joya Syrah ($)


Lucien Albrecht Cremant (Sparkling) ($)

Portillo Rosé ($)

1102 N. Main St #101

Real Bar

The Real Kitchen and Market doesn’t just provide delicious options for lunch and catering. They also have an on-site wine and tapas bar. Along with their wide selection of specialty wines and craft beers, they also have a bar menu for dinner to go with drinks. They also have space for private parties and events that can also be rented, if you’re needing a classy space.

Recommendations from Real Bar 

Our Dog Blue (A wine brewed nearby in Virginia that customers can’t get enough of!)

136 W. Lexington Avenue

Lulu & Blu

What’s better than wine? Wine with Italian comfort food! Lulu & Blu provides a large menu of delicious Italian-inspired food that takes cues from the American South. Their extensive wine menu ensures that not only will customers find their new favorite dish but also their new favorite glass of wine. Have questions about what drink goes best with what sauce? Ask the staff at Lulu & Blu who are happy to provide their customers with a unique dining experience. And take advantage of their half price glasses on Wednesdays!

2140 N. Main St.

Rickety Bridge Winery

Last but not least, High Point isn’t just home to great wine shops and bars… We even house a stateside headquarters for an international winery, Rickety Bridge Winery. Rickety Bridge has been involved in the winemaking business dating back as far as the 17th century (so they really know what they’re doing!) Thankfully, that means you won’t have to travel across the world, or even across the country, to purchase an exclusive bottle of high-end wine. The wine from this winery is sold throughout High Point, so you can find it at almost any of your favorite places to grab a drink in town.  Additionally, their headquarters provides a great place for a private event!

518 N. Hamilton St.

So look no further than your own city to find the next perfect bottle of wine in your life. We’ve got all the best for what you need to “wine-down” right here in High Point!

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team

Feature Image by ZoZo Photography