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BuzziSpace is all about “Happy and healthy workspaces” (and seriously, who wouldn’t want a happy and healthy workspace??)  They welcome the ever-changing challenges of the design world with open arms and create more fun and functional furnishings. We had the chance to speak with Tom Van Dessel to learn more about BuzziSpace, which is located right in the heart of High Point, NC.

As designers, we simply fell in LOVE with their corporate headquarters during our first tour. Once a cotton mill, Buzzi’s mill building is now a remarkable lesson in design.  The mill’s administrative building (shown above) now serves as a space for training and meetings.  The mill itself has been updated with Buzzi’s iconic and colorful style.  Employees can cruise from one end to the next on bikes 🚲 and have ample break out meeting spaces.  Every day feel likes a party in this place!

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. Tell us about Buzzi in about 10 words:

A. Reimagined furnishings and acoustical solutions for happy and healthy workspaces.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. Why did you start it and what was your vision?

A. The trend in office space was going ‘open plan’ which brought along with it challenges in acoustics and space delineation. There were no design worthy/esthetically pleasing solutions in the market that were flexible and affordable. That was the space we envisioned the BuzziSpace Brand could own.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. What services or products do you offer, manufacture or sell?

A. Wall treatments, ceiling treatments, lighting, furniture – all geared toward the open collaborative environment and with an underpinning of the science behind acoustics.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. What is one thing people would be interested to learn about BuzziSpace?

A. We have a strong sustainability ethos. Our BuzziFelt which is used in most of our product is 100% upcycled PET from used soda bottles.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. What differentiates BuzziSpace from other companies?

A. We truly pioneered this segment and continue to push the boundaries with new product innovation combining esthetics with functionality.

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Q. What are the highlights and challenges of performing in High Point?

A. High Point is a diamond in the rough! It has a rich history, is a welcoming community and abounds with enthusiasm for change. The challenge is getting everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction. Sometimes that can pose a problem for a business, but for the most part these are easy to overcome and do not negate all the great things this city has to offer.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. Why did you choose to locate Buzzi in High Point?

A. As a Belgian company we had multiple reasons to open up in the US; proximity to our customers which enables improved responsiveness, reduced lead times, reduction in carbon footprint, better understanding of market needs. We chose High Point because of its established furniture ecosystem and it felt like a place where we could be engaged in the community and maybe make a small impact.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. How has High Point changed since you started your business?

A. We opened up in 2014 which is not that long ago, but in that short time I have seen a significant transition from talk and ideas to more action.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. Are you involved in the High Point community and if so, how?

A. I served a term on the Economic Development Corporation board and am currently on the HPU Board of Visitors. On the BuzziSpace grounds we planted a Food Forest. This idea came about after hearing that according to USDA data, SW High Point is one of the most severe Food Deserts in NC. By cultivating our Food Forest we hope to one day be able to share our fresh produce with our immediate community and make a tiny dent in that very big issue.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out in High Point, what would it be?

A. Don’t judge the City too quickly based on what you observe superficially. You have to scratch, dig, look behind the facade, but its worth it. There are gems all around and plenty of opportunity for many more to be created. Use a designer’s eye, don’t settle for what it is but imagine what it could be.

Photography by ZoZo Photography

Q. What are you excited about for High Point’s future? 

A. I am very exited about the ball field. Not that I am a big ball fan per se, but I see it as the catalyst project it is intended to be.

It was a pleasure speaking with Tom and we are honored to share Buzzi’s story here.

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