How to Do #HPMkt in the Rain

#HPMkt friends, there is something we want you to know: Murphy’s law says we will have the. most. amazing. weather. leading up to your arrival to market but inevitably, it will rain while you are here. We know, this stinks. Who wants to walk all over downtown High Point in the rain?  So, we promise to do our best keep-the-rain-away-dance-in-the-shower during the days leading up to your arrival – but alas – we can’t always keep it dry.

Other than the rain dance and singing the good ole’ tune “Rain, Rain, Go Away…” we felt it our duty to share with you our best tips for dealing with High Point in the rain.

The Wheels on the Bus

Let’s skip walking the streets when it rains, what do you say? Here are some ways to avoid doing so:

  • Go Anywhere Van
  • Private Drivers
  • Showroom specific vans (contact the showroom you want to visit – many of them have private transportation and would be happy to pick you up)
  • The High Point Market bus system
  • Uber/Taxi/Lyft

Fly Like Superman

Not really, but you can move from one building to the next with the finesse of a Marvel super hero thanks to the numerous skywalks in High Point. The Plaza Building 2nd Floor connects to C&D 2nd Floor connects to Suites at Market Square Mezzanine Level which connects to Market Square. Clearly, these buildings are a great option to focus your time and energy on a rainy day.

Shatter the Glass Ceiling

Just Kidding. Please don’t. But, you can enjoy it when you get dropped off at the Mendenhall bus terminal which has a glass ceiling over it leading to the IHFC building. This means you can travel travel by bus (or go anywhere van or shuttle) to the IHFC and will be completely dry at drop off! The IHFC is one of the largest buildings to cover – so it would probably take you all day anyway. And bonus, this building also has a skywalk over Wrenn Street to the Main Street building.

Plan for Sunshine

We suggest taking a look at the radar and planning your time in High Point in advance. There are so many great showrooms outside the Wrenn Street / Commerce Avenue / Elm Street corridor that you don’t want to miss and these are especially nice to work in our beautiful NC weather. Plan to shop by Market Neighborhoods and focus your attention on the outlying buildings on sunny days.

When All Else Fails

Grab an umbrella. Every info booth will have free umbrellas on hand for any Market guest so all you have to do is ask!  Thank you, High Point Market Authority!

Welcome to High Point, we are glad you are here!

Enjoy! HP Discovered

Cover Image Photography by Alisha Schwanke Photography