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When Chris Whitesell created New Path Digital, he started with the idea that digital marketing and advertising has to keep up with growing technology. Dedicated to driving results for their clients, with their digital-first mindset, Chris and his team are bringing solutions from High Point to businesses in their hometown – and beyond!

Although they’ve seen impressive results from their digital solutions and marketing, Chris hasn’t let the success go to his head. Ask him what he loves about High Point, and he’ll give you both a tongue-in-cheek answer and one that goes deeper. So while Chris may be High Point’s digital marketing extraordinaire, read his responses below to find out what he thinks is so extraordinary about High Point.

President and founder, Chris Whitesell is an experienced interactive marketer, media strategist and consultant. Over the past eight years he’s developed and executed award-winning digital marketing and advertising strategies for clients in over a dozen industry segments.

“When you asked me why I love living in High Point, my first reaction was to give you my typical canned response. Which is, I love being able to take a left turn on Main St. at 5 pm. I didn’t tell you that because I felt you deserved a more thoughtful answer. And while I do loathe traffic and I do adore the pace of living in High Point, that only scratches the surface of why I love living and raising a family here. So, upon further reflection, here are my thoughts:”


I love the fact that I’m on a first name basis with people who own my favorite restaurants, coffee shops and watering holes. I love that I’m on a first name basis with the wait staff, barkeeps and baristas at these establishments – most of them I’ve seen several times a week for 5+ years.

Heritage | Roots

I love the fact that my children went to the same preschool as my wife, Katie. I love that Katie works at the same preschool and is helping to teach and nurture the next generation of High Point citizens – many of them the children of friends she grew up with. I love that I’m now close friends with several people that she’s known her whole life.

Chris has lived in the Triad for over 30 years and currently resides in High Point with his wife, Katie, and three daughters. He is a passionate supporter of the YMCA of High Point, where he’s coached, led fundraising efforts and currently serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.


As I mentioned above, I love the pace of living in High Point. We work hard, but there’s still plenty of time for family and community.


If you pay attention and are willing to get involved and put forth the effort – you will quickly find that the entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit in this community is second to none. It’s borderline intoxicating at times, and I LOVE THAT. I know several people, myself included, who have been able to move to High Point, start a business and most importantly, get involved in making the community a better place.

Chris received the Triad Business Journal’s 40 Leaders under 40 in 2014. What an awesome accomplishment!

We’re glad that people like Chris with companies like New Path Digital are contributing to High Point’s entrepreneurial mindset and giving culture! It’s truly a “path” we’re glad to walk down together with our community.

Voices Discovered is a series where High Point Discovered asks questions to High Point business leaders and entrepreneurs to share their view. Consider it a peek into the heart and soul of our local businesses. We hope you will be inspired to investigate more. Past guests have included Uncle Cheesecake and Torrey Lowe.

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