Voices Discovered: Debbie Maier

Debbie Maier, founder and president of High Point’s one-of-a-kind coffee shop, DeBeen Espresso. | ZoZo Photography

What would life be without coffee? We can’t imagine. Thankfully, because of DeBeen Espresso, we never have to worry!  DeBeen Espresso provides a relaxing spot to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, so that you can start your morning off right. This unique coffee shop doesn’t just offer a large selection of coffee, they have tasty pastries, smoothies, teas, and even a yoga studio, Pure Light Yoga, all nestled within the art-filled walls of this amazing shop. DeBeen was recognized in 2017 as the #2 best coffee house in NC by “Only in Your State.”

We sat down with the inspiring Debbie Maier, founder and president of DeBeen Espresso, to learn more about how she has made her business so successful for more than 20 years. Debbie moved to High Point from Washington State in August 1997, and shortly after opened DeBeen. She ended up with a one-of-a-kind coffee shop, filled with smiling customers, loyal employees, great coffee, and so much more.

Debbie Maier, founder and president of DeBeen Espresso is pictured above.

Debeen Owner Debbie Maier sits outside with her dog in High Point, NC

Q: How did you wind up in the coffee and yoga business?

A. I moved ,on a whim, to NC to open DeBeen after the idea of a coffee shop was presented to me by my father. 14 years later, after working in design, fabric sales and having a small furniture and accessories store where the yoga studio is now, I decided to “clear out the clutter” from my life and offer a space for mind, body and soul. Pure Light Yoga opened in the fall of 2011.

Debeen Owner Debbie Maier sips coffee and looks off into the distance in her High Point, NC coffee shop.

Q: What type of career would you have in an alternate universe?

A. I would continue down the line of what I do today, spreading happiness, love, hope, and inspiration to everyone who comes into my life!

Q: What do you wish you knew when first starting that you know now?

A. How difficult it is to build a business from the ground up with very little money. It is a lot of hard work and you are always “on call” whether on vacation or just taking a day off. However, I do believe this is also how DeBeen and Pure Light Yoga have continued to be a success.

Debeen owner Debbie Maier takes an order from a customer.

DeBeen Espresso provides a relaxing spot to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, tasty pastries, smoothies, teas and more! | ZoZo Photography

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you?

A. That I became a Division 1 athlete after opening DeBeen. I juggled school, volleyball, work and a sorority during my time at HPU.

Q: What motivates you?

A. People! Socializing, visiting, lending a helping hand to others and living by example to inspire and show that building something from nothing, even right here in HP NC is possible!

Debbie Maier sits out of Debeen Espresso while petting her dog.

Debbie Maier, founder and president of High Point’s one-of-a-kind coffee shop, DeBeen Espresso. | ZoZo Photography

Q: Best career advice you have ever received?

A. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and get things done one at a time.

Q: Favorite book (business or pleasure)?

A. Dr. Seuss’s “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”

Debbie Maier proudly holds one of her drinks from Debeen Espresso.

Everyday is a new day at DeBeen Espresso! Their beautiful and dedicated customers, loyal employees, and art filled walls keep DeBeen filled with smiles and good energy. | ZoZo Photography

Q: Best vacation you have taken?

A. I live in the moment and enjoy every vacation when I get the time to do so. Truthfully, I can’t rank one over another. However, my last trip was to Mazatlán, MX. So as it stands, this is at the top of my list and has a very special place in my heart.

Q: Where will we find you on a Sunday afternoon?

A. Teaching yoga at Pure Light Yoga.

Debeen owner Debbie Maier smiles as she sits and drinks one of her coffee creations.

Did you know inside Debeen is Pure Light Yoga? A one of the kind yoga studio, that provides High Point a personable yoga community. Stop in for a class and complete the experience with a coffee afterward at Debeen. | ZoZo Photography

Q: Your go-to cocktail (or mocktail)?

A. Not being much of a drinker, on occasion, I may try whatever is served.

Q: What makes you truly happy?

A. Bringing a smile to someone’s face!

Q: As you know, HPU is right here with incredible students looking to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams – what three pieces of advice would you give them?


  1. Define your dream and manifest it.
  2. Figure out your plan of attack, be prepared to roll with the punches.
  3. Stay on the course, be dedicated, work hard and make your dream a reality!

High Point Favorites

Q: Where do you like to grab a cup of coffee?

A. Any coffee shop I find. I enjoy visiting moms & pop shops and sharing ideas and stories.

Q: Local shops doing everything right?

A. Tipsy’z, The Penny Path, The Brewer’s Kettle, Brown Truck Brewery, OrganicAF, 98 Asian Bistro, The Only Earth, Grassy Knoll, Sumela, The Blue Group, Fixin’s, Liberty. Honestly, there are so many more and more to come… I can’t even list them all!

Q: Restaurant you can’t get enough of?

A. Any local restaurant that serves up amazing vegan food! Most of our local stops will create something if it’s not offered on the menu and they are all #1 on my list!

Q: Favorite place to grab a drink?

A. I enjoy going to Liberty for a “DeBeen Espresso Stout” when Todd puts it on tap!

Q: Excluding yours, what High Point company or business do you admire the most?

A. Verellen

It is evident when you visit DeBeen Espresso that Debbie has put her whole heart and soul into making her business special. Her goal of spreading happiness and positivity throughout the High Point community is one of the reasons DeBeen is one of our favorite spots – and of course their great coffee too. Whether you’re looking for a place to study, a relaxing yoga session, delicious coffee or even a tasty treat, we promise DeBeen will not disappoint!

Voices Discovered is a series where High Point Discovered asks questions to High Point business leaders and entrepreneurs to share their view. Consider it a peek into the heart and soul of our local businesses. We hope you will be inspired to investigate more. Past guests have included Evan and Heather Blackerby of Friendship Plant Co. and Tu and Todd Sen.

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