What to Pack In Your Market Bag

Recently I was with a group of designers at a prestigious design event.  While sitting around the table at breakfast we started talking about High Point Market.  The topic quickly turned to all the things they tend to forget every market and… Bingo! A post idea was born: What to Pack In Your Market Bag.

Taking interest and digging deeper, I asked them what they wish they would remember. The list was long (and could get rather heavy) but here it is – a fly-on-the-wall’s perspective to what some of the top designers carry in those beautiful market bags!

Pencil or Pen and Notebook – yes, these days many are taking digital notes but this powerhouse group agreed they wanted they still craved pen to paper!

Business Cards – this one seems so obvious but made me laugh. I have forgotten mine so many times I lost count. We’ve all been there, right? Anyone?

Portable Chargers – you don’t want to be that shopper wrapped around a column trying to catch a quick charge. Bring your own charger so you can stay on course!

Then there were the staples of life: mouthwash, a toothbrush, breath mints, deodorant, feminine products, hand sanitizer, band aids and a brush or comb.

As you can imagine with a table full of women, the conversation was all over the place with everyone quickly chiming in. Two subjects that were talked about the most were catalogs and roller bags: Advice from these dynamo’s was NEVER pick up a catalog when they can mail it to you (or its available online)! And, please no rolling bags (trust us on this one, people might whisper about you behind your back).

Happy Shopping at High Point Market!

Christi Barbour and The HP Discovered Team


Special thanks to my market shopping friends who contributed to this list. You know who you are and you know how much you are appreciated.

Photography by ZoZo Photography