Moving On and Getting Over: HPU Move Out Tips

High Point University Students help unpack cars on move in day at High Point, NC

We’re listening to John Mayer singing about moving on and getting over you today, but what we’re really thinking about isn’t lost love – but dorm rooms! As great as each semester is, and as much as your dorm may start to feel like your home, the time comes each May to move it all back out – at least for the summer.

And parents, we know it feels like you just loaded the car up with that mini-fridge, those giant Rubbermaid totes, and way more clothes than you ever dreamed your student had. So to make the transition just a little easier, here are some of our tips to make moving out of your dorm a breeze!

1. Don’t wash – Laund-o-rama

Before you strip the bed and try to pack sheets, comforters, mattress covers and more, just take the whole pile to Emerywood Laundry. They have a service that offers a wash and fold service, meaning you can skip the fight over how to fold a fitted sheet, and pack up your freshly cleaned sheets for the summer.

Emerywood Laundry – 711 W. Lexington Ave.

2. Don’t haul – Store

For students who have a trek back home that’s longer than a few hours in a car, it may be more worthwhile to take some of your stuff to a storage unit and take a flight home. Armadillo Self Storage is barely two miles from HPU’s campus, meaning you can drop your stuff and not worry about it until the fall.

Armadillo Self Storage – 1004 Greensboro Rd.

A father helps his daughter unpack for college

Photography by High Point University

3. Don’t bring – Buy

It may seem like you have to bring a ton of moving boxes, totes, and suitcases to pack everything back into once you’re ready to leave school. But sometimes it’s just easier to buy what you need. A quick trip to Target or Walmart, both conveniently located not too far from HPU can supply all the Rubbermaid totes, Ziploc bags, and storage containers you need to organize your move.

Target – 1050 Mall Loop Rd.

Walmart – 2710 N. Main St.

4. Don’t keep – Donate

Okay, let’s be real. You know that sweater that hung in the back of your closet all year and you kept saying you’d wear – but never did? It needs to go! Before you pack up a bunch of clothes, shoes, and items you know you’re just going to toss next semester, make a quick trip to a local thrift store and make a donation. It’s good for the environment, saves you space, and helps you clean as you pack.

Goodwill at College Village1145 E. Lexington Ave.

HOP Shop1020 Eastchester Dr.

Students walking on the High Point University Campus in High Point, NC

High Point University | Photography by HPU

5. Don’t forget – Reminisce

At the end of each semester, it’s hard to say goodbye to friends, your little home-away-from-home, and all the sweet memories you’ve made. So before you have to depart for the summer, take some of the photos of your favorite memories to have a keepsake made or framed. Maybe even make a gift for the friends or mentors in your life who have made this year so special. Hang-Ups in High Point has everything you need to turn cherished memories into personalized gifts.

Hang-Ups – 5824 Samet Dr. # 165

6. Don’t stress – Eat

We know the stress and hard work of moving in and out of a dorm can be taxing, so make sure you take time to eat. Before you finish up for the day or hit the road, grab a meal at one of your favorite foodie places in High Point to celebrate another successful semester in the bag. (And if you need help finding a place, click here for more ideas).

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team